Stripe SMS Payments
Stripe SMS Payments

Stripe SMS Payments Over 85 percent of Americans own smartphones, making SMS payments a feasible option for most customers. With Stripe SMS Payments, you can send out a text message to their customer‘s phone number or email ad­dress, and the

No Code Pay by Link
No Code Pay by Link

With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, many retailers now offer the option to pay by link. This means customers can simply click on a link to make a payment without entering any credit card or personal information. No code pay

How to send a PayPal payment link

How to send a PayPal payment link PayPal is the largest online payment system in the world, however, it is not possible to create PayPal links via the PayPal dashboard, the only way is to use PayRequest for creating payment

How to collect occupancy taxes from your AirBnB guests

How to collect occupancy taxes from your AirBnB guests When you rent houses, rooms, or apartments via AirBnB you can’t avoid having to deal with taxes, luckily AirBnB mostly try to directly let your guests pay these occupancy taxes which

Payment Platform for Restaurants

With so many digital payment systems available today, It’s difficult to keep the pace of change, that’s why Foodkit integrates with the market leaders.

Accept Fundraising With a PayPal Fundraising Site

Fundraising sites and other online fundraising tools are becoming increasingly essential for fundraising. They give donors a secure and convenient option for making online donations. Today, there are many online fundraising tools, including online payment platforms and custom donation pages. Among

How to accept Stripe and PayPal Payments?

Both Stripe and PayPal are large worldwide credit card processing providers, they serve millions of businesses all over the world, sadly when you use Stripe you cant offer PayPal to your customers because Stripe has no PayPal support. We at

Selling Services on Social Media

Best ways to sell services on social media When starting any social media service the process can be long and tedious. In a time when digital marketing is taking over, social media is assuming the role of a marketing agency, it is almost a requirement to

How to use Stripe for accepting donations on your website

Ways to accept stripe donations on your website There are a few ways to accept donations on your website:1. By embedding a donation button on your website.2. Sending a donation link directly to a donor’s email.3. By using a donation

5 Best Payment Gateways in Europe

If you’re a business owner in Europe, then you know that it can be difficult to find a payment gateway that is both safe and secure. With so many different options available, it can be hard to know which one

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