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Our New and Improved Dashboard
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Geert Jan Sloos

The couple of months we have worked hard to restyle our dashboard, to make it more easy for businesses to accept payments, and to create their own payment page.

What’s new in our Dashboard

We have done our best not to make extensive changes, because our dashboard should remain simple, but everything looks a lot more modern, and we have added many new functions.

Bootstrap 5

We updated our toolkit Bootstrap from 4 tot 5, this was a challenge because all pages had to be redesigned.

A great new feature is our real-time search option, here you can search through all your requests,transactions and customers.

New Request 2.0

Our most important page is the new request page, here you can create new payment requests, we have restyled this page, and make it more easy to create a payment link in less then 1 minutes.

Insights 2.0

See the statistics of all your payments in an overview, And keep track of customers that have a low open rate, or still not have paid after many payment reminders.

Onboarding (for new customers)

To help new customers set up their account, we’ve set up an entire onboarding page, where they can choose their name and connect Stripe, so they can immediately start making payments.


We hope you will enjoy our new dashboard, and if you have any questions or feedback, you can reach us 24x7 via livechat or e-mail.

Go check out the new dashboard: