Wie man Online-Zahlungen ohne Website akzeptiert

How to Accept Online Payments Without a Website

Discover the new, easy way people are accepting payments without a website. The best way to accept all payment methods from the platform.

Accept online payments easily

PayRequest is an all-in-one online payment platform that allows its users to accept payments from around the world without a website.

How does it work? PayRequest lets you accept your payments via a personal Bezahlseite that will be provided to you when you sign up. Payments can be accepted by sharing your payment page, a Zahlungsverbindungoder eine QR-Code with your customers.

Are you looking for a way to accept funding or donations without a website? You can do that with PayRequest too! PayRequest has created specific online tools that make creating and sharing your Spendenseite easy and fun.

Also, in case the case of accepting recurring payments or subscriptions, try out our subscriptions platform where to can set payments to be processed automatically periodically.

Read more about the payment methods here:

Link zur Bezahlung

Payment page

QR code payment

Donations page

Subscriptions platform

Why use payrequest

PayRequest has loads of cool, easy-to-use features that make accepting online payments without a website fast and simple for both you and your customer.

When creating your payment page, payment link, donations page, or other, it is possible to change the color, logo, and branding to your own!

Akzeptieren Sie alle Zahlungsarten
With PatRequest you are able to accept über 20 verschiedene Zahlungsarten from around the world. You’ll never miss out on a sale again!

PayRequest accepts the majority of Währungen from around the world with real-time conversion rates.

It is possible to share your payment page or payment links in different languages! There will never be any barriers between you and your customer.

Track your payments
Unlike other payment gateway providers, PayRequest allows you to monitor and log the status of your payments. This can even work as a handy replacement for your accountant you will have a full list of paid and outstanding payments.

Accepting payments without a website has never been easier!

Registrieren Sie sich and start accepting payments today!

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