Zahlungslösungen in mehreren Währungen

What is a Multi-currency Payment Solution?

Muti-currency payment is a payment system that allows transactions to happen between two different currencies. It allows for the pricing of commodities, as well as payment of goods and services in the local currency that is more relatable and understandable by the customers in a particular.

When you launch your business or startup worldwide it is important to offer all popular currencies of the markets you are active in, with multi-currency payment solutions you can let your customers choose their currency.

Why is Multi-currency Payment Important?

Multi-currency payment methods have become of significant importance, especially with the growth of cross-border e-commerce. They are a means to reconcile currencies and save you from hectic currency conversions and payment of extra fees for the same.

Online businesses have taken the world by storm accounting for 4.9 trillion dollars in retail e-commerce sales worldwide in 2021 and still growing. It is estimated that over the next four years, this market will realize a 50% growth to 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025. With such projections and the ever-increasing globalization of online companies, multi-currency transactions have found a focal role in the modern world of online businesses. They have made online money transactions faster and more efficient, with no extra fees charged to the customers for currency conversions.

The best Multi-currency Payment Solution

PayRequest is a multi-currency payment solution that offers secure no code multi-currency payment solutions for businesses all around the globe, making it possible to receive payments through your payment page and dynamic shareable links from all around the globe. It supports payments in all major currencies offering real-time conversion for every currency. With a PayRequest account, you can manage your customers and their details while keeping track of all your payments. The account goes even further to provide you with payment insights that may help you evaluate the performance of your business.

Further, PayRequest supports more than twenty local payment methods like MisterCash, iDeal, and Klarna, among others. Additionally, the account enables you to automate all your transactions and send you payment reminders so that you have more time to focus on growing your business. With 24/7 chat support, PayRequest ensures all your queries are promptly attended to for the smooth running of your business. The account is also linked to SMS and mailing services to allow you to send payment links directly to customers without having to leave the dashboard. PayRequest also prioritizes the appearance of your company. The account allows you to brand your payment portal to your suitability, adding colors, logos, and backgrounds of your choice. PayRequest is also keen on authentication. With a 3D authentication design, PayRequest ensures stringent verification of customer identities to ensure you are safe from fraudulent activities.

Why You Need PayRequest for Multi-Currency

Multi-currency payment methods have greatly eased cross-currency transactions making settlement options more flexible. They have immensely improved the success rate of online transactions by making them relatively easy to follow through. With a PayRequest account, you can easily improve the success rate of your transactions with your customers. You can also reach new international markets with your online presence besides creating confidence in your customers with price transparency.