Stripe Spendenplattform

Stripe Donation Platform

Stripe is the best payment processor if you are looking for a donation platform to accept online donations, we at PayRequest are Stripe Partners and have to build donation features like a donation feed and donation goals to create a beautiful donation page for your audience.

You can accept one-time or recurring donations, the stripe donation platform is not only for charities but also a good platform if you like to start fundraising or raise money for crowdfunding.

What is a donation platform?

A donation platform is an online software where you can start a new donation action or raise money as a charity, there is no technical knowledge required, and you can easily connect to a payment processor like Stripe or Paypal.

After you can set up your own page or website for your charity or donation purpose, via the donation platform you can set up everything like donation goal, donation feed, donation amounts, and even a description + images of your charity or donation activity.

Why is Stripe the best donation platform

Stripe is the largest payment processor in the world, they handle payments for the biggest tech companies, have the best payment infrastructure for processing your donation or charity transactions, and also they offer many local payment methods which will increase your conversion if you launch a worldwide fundraising.

Stripe Donation Platform Features

When you integrate Stripe with PayRequest you get instant access to many donation features to raise funds.

Accept one-time or recurring donations

Give your donors the choice if they like to donate just one time or via a subscription on a recurring basis, on your stripe donation page you can let donors choose, there is also no limit on how many times they can donate, also they can donate extra when they already have an active subscription.

Customize your Stripe Donation Page

Who can use the Stripe Donation Platform?

The Stripe Donation Platform is for non-profits and everyone who want to accept donations, this can be for charity or just fundraising for anything.

Countries where you can use the Stripe Donation Platform

  • Australien
  • Kanada
  • Dänemark
  • Finnland
  • Frankreich
  • Irland
  • Japan
  • Norwegen
  • Singapore
  • Spanien
  • Schweden
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Austria
  • Belgien
  • Deutschland
  • Hong Kong
  • Italien
  • Luxemburg
  • Niederlande
  • Neuseeland
  • Portugal
  • Schweiz
  • Brasilien
  • Mexiko

How to use the Stripe Donation Platform

To get started with Stripe Donations, you first need to create a PayRequest Account, you can do that here: