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0% fees for non-profits

Donation Pages, Request donations worldwide.

PayRequest makes it easy to create donation pages for charity, fundraising or non-profits.
Share your donation page worldwide and use your own logo, background and branding name.

Create your donation page

Start create your Donation Page in 3 simple steps.

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1. Connect a payment provider like Stripe.

create your own payment link 2

2. Create your donation page.

Share your payment link and get paid 3

3. Share and recieve donations!

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Donation Page FeaturesShow your progress.

PayRequest not only makes it easy to create a donation page, you can also setup your donation goal, follow the progress via a realtime bar and see the latests donation via the donations feed.

PayRequest Features

Discover our best features for your payment requests.

Customize page

Use your own logo & background, insert your own title and description and of course amount.

Payment reminders

We can send a email or sms reminder once a time but also per week, month or even daily.

Payment Logs

We send an email if your request is paid, but we also track if your customer opens the link.

3D Secure authentication

3D Secure is an authentication method used to verify a customer's identity before an online card purchase.

Local Payment Methods

Never say no again, we support 20+ local payment methods from Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.

Multi Currency

We support al major currencies all around the globe, with realtime currency conversion for every currency.

Donation Page ExamplesSee what you could make.

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Education Donation Page
See example
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Animals Donation Page
See example
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Nature Donation Page
See example

Start your donation page

Start a new donation compaign for your non-profit organisation, no monthly subcription only a small fee per transaction.

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