Comment envoyer un lien de paiement

5 Ways to Send a Payment Link

Discover the 5 different ways that you can send a payment link with PayRequest! Make accepting payments quick and easy for everyone!

How to create a payment link

Firstly, a quick explanation of how to create a payment link.

Make sure that you are signed into your PayRequest account. (if you do not yet have an account you can create one for free today).

Next, head to your page de paiement. Here you will be presented with the option of creating and sending a demande de paiement. Insert the necessary information, like the amount to be paid, then select your preferred method in which to send your payment request, then click send.

5 ways to send a payment link

  1. Courriel
  2. SMS
  3. Social Media
    Instagram       Facebook
  4. Whatsapp
  5. Customer service chat

Other ways to accept payments?

PayRequest provides many other ways to accept payments other than by payment link. Find out which way works best for you!

Accepting payments via the website

Accepting payments without a website

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