Online Donation System

Online Donation System

An online donation system makes it easy for you to share your donation page and accept all kinds of payment methods from donors.

What is an Online Donation System?

Online donation systems are systems that can be used to easily build and share your donations page. They are systems that have been created to make the process of accepting donations easier for you and your donors. With easy-to-follow steps all the way through, online payment systems can save you time and money when it’s needed the most.

An online donations system will be helpful not just in the initial process of building your donation page, but also in the many stages that are to follow.

The features that are offered by an online donation system can increase your overall page views and convert more of your page visitors into donors. Therefore, an online donations system is not just a helpful starting tool, but a long partner!

How to Use an Online Donations System?

Online donation systems like PayRequest have been created with the purpose of making your life easier. PayRequest has turned the intricate process of building a donations page into a fun activity that anyone can do.

Une fois que vous avez s'est inscrit to PayRequest for free, you will be able to begin creating your donations page. You can add and change a variety of great features to make your page personalized to you or your organization.

Once you have created your page and are happy with it, you can share it with your donors via SMS, Whatsapp, Instagram, email, your site web, or one of the many other platforms we join with.

You will be able to monitor all activity behind the scenes on your private payment dashboard.

Features of Online Donation System

PayRequest offers a variety of awesome features that will make your donation page fun to create, and super easy to use.

L'image de marque
Lorsque vous créez votre page de don en utilisant le système de don en ligne de PayRequest, vous pouvez modifier les couleurs et l'image de marque de la page. Vous pouvez même ajouter votre propre logo. Cela donne à la page de don une touche personnelle.

Donation Progress
Why not add a progress bar? This will show your page visitors how far you are from reaching your goal!

Donations Feed
A donations feed is a great way to get people motivated to donate. A donations feed can be placed next to the donations bar. When someone donates, their name will pop up in the feed.

Accepter tous les modes de paiement
Vous avez bien lu. Vous pouvez vraiment accepter tous les modes de paiement ! PayRequest accepte plus de 20 méthodes de paiement dans le monde entier. Cela signifie qu'il n'y a aucune limite quant aux personnes qui peuvent faire un don.

Conversion des devises en temps réel
Lorsque nous acceptons différents modes de paiement, nous comprenons également l'importance de la conversion des devises. C'est pourquoi nous veillons à appliquer la conversion de devises en temps réel à tous les dons.

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