Demande de paiement API

Learn about the Payment Request API

Find out how to automate payments with PayRequest API. Send payment requests and monitor payments and customers from one platform!

What is a Payment Request API

API is short for Application Programming Interface. What is it? It’s software that allows two applications, or platforms to communicate and share information with each other.

API can be used in a variety of industries and systems to ensure the easy flow of information. The API acts as an intermediary by sending messages and information back and forth between the two applications.

Why use a Payment Request API

For many companies these days, there is a big advantage that comes with using a payment gateway provider to monitor, process, and log payments.

Something more and more companies are using right now is automated payments. These can be incredibly helpful and save a lot of time when processing payments as it means the payments are processed automatically.

This is where an API can be incredibly useful!

As was mentioned earlier, an API can be used to communicate messages and pass information between two applications. In the case of PayRequest, an API can be used to create payment requests and retrieve payment statuses easily.

How to use a Payment Request API

Using a Payment Request API is pretty simple, with the API from PayRequest you can create different types of payment requests for your business, for example with a simple line of code, you can create an email or SMS payment request directly via your server or terminal.

Start using a Payment Request API

PayRequest has helpful API documentation with information and examples to help you get started using Payment Request API, visit our Help Center at   or go to our Developers website: