Lien de paiement PayPal

PayRequest is the only solution where you can easily create payment links for PayPal, you just connect your PayPal account, and instead of a page, you get your own payment page, which you can share with your customers to receive payments via PayPal.

There is no technical knowledge required, we are PayPal Partner and securely connect your PayPal account with PayRequest to let you easily create and send PayPal Payment Links.

What can you do with a PayPal Payment Link?

Stop sending payment requests via your PayPal Dashboard, with PayPal Payment Links you can directly send or share a PayPal payment request with your customer.

We offer you a better alternative for which has many features to get your payment quickly via PayPal.

PayPal Payment Links Brand Colors

Brand colors are an important part of the branding equation. Not only do colors affect decision-making, but they also evoke emotions in humans.

With a PayPal Payment Link or PayPal Payment Page, you can easily upload your own background, and logo and use your company brand colors.

Dynamic PayPal Payment Links

Save time by creating Dynamic PayPal payment links, with our dynamic payment link solution you can create payment links directly in your browser.

With your own PayPal Payment Page for example you can add extra variables like,50

Just copy your link and send it directly to your customer, it is that easy!

Secure PayPal Payment Links

Send payment requests with trust, use your own domain, and use PayPal the largest payment provider in the world.

For extra fraud protection, we use the 3D Secure authentication method used to verify a customer’s identity.

Where can you use PayPal Payment Links for?

A PayPal Payment Link is useful for any kind of business, you can send one-time PayPal payment links but also recurring PayPal payment links.

PayPal Payment Links for Customer Support
Most reasons customers are contacting a support team because of billing-related questions, save time by sending payment links directly via support tickets or in a live chat.

Send PayPal Payment Links via Email
Sometimes you do have not the ability to directly let customers pay, in that case, you send them a payment link via e-mail, and they can pay later if they check their e-mail.

Send PayPal Payment Links for Overdue Invoices
Have your customers still not paid their invoices after some weeks? The best way is to remind them with a PayPal payment link and offer them an easy way to pay your invoice without extra fees.

PayPal Payment Links for Selling Products
Selling Online Products? then PayPal payment links are the easiest way to get paid for your digital goods, just add a PayPal payment link on your website, and deliver your digital goods after payment.

How to create a PayPal Payment Link

Connect Your PayPal Account And Start Sending Payment Links With E-Mail Reminders.

1. Connect your PayPal Account

With the easy PayRequest Onboarding, you can connect or create a PayPal Account.

2. Create a PayPal Payment Link

Via the PayRequest App, you create a new request, where you can add a customer and directly send them a PayPal Payment Link.

3. Send or Share your PayPal Payment Link

Après la création de votre lien de paiement gratuit, nous envoyons immédiatement une notification à vos clients par sms ou email, ils peuvent cliquer sur le lien, qui sera alors redirigé vers votre lien de paiement pour effectuer le paiement, vous pouvez configurer si vous voulez envoyer des rappels de paiement stripe s'ils ne répondent pas au premier rappel de paiement.

Read more about our PayPal Payment Link solution here: want to start directly?  S'inscrire! here!