Contactless Restaurant Payment Link

Contactless Restaurant Payment Link

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    Restaurant Payment Link

    There is now a quick and easy way for your customers to pay contactless! PayRequest allows you to share a payment link, which allows your customers to pay their bill with the click of a button. No card required!

    Why should you add contactless payment at your restaurant?

    Nowadays, customers are evermore expecting of fast and efficient service in all aspects of hospitality. This includes the final part of the restaurant experience, payment.

    Payment methods have been evolving rapidly over the last decade, and it’s important to stay up to date with technology. Carrying cash is no longer a trend. More and more people are now looking for contactless ways to make their payments. Whether it be a shop, bar, grocery store or restaurant, people are always looking to be fast and save time. Therefore, it is very important to stay on top of the game and provide your customers with a fast and efficient method to scan and pay with ease.

    What contactless payment methods are available?

    When choosing which payment method to introduce at your restaurant it is important to choose a solution of that is convenient not just for your customer, but also for you. The solution provided by PayRequest allows for instant, easy payments.

    Once s'est inscrit to PayRequest you will be able to create and share unique liens de paiement with your guests. These payment links can be sent to guests in advance, or on the go.

    Once a payment link has been paid, you will receive a simple confirmation notification.

    Another payment option available for restaurant use is the scannable QR-Code. Simply place the QR-Code in a visible and accessible location for your clients. When scanned, client will be redirected straight to your payment page. This allows for a fast and efficient flow of payments.

    Why use PayRequest for Restaurant Payment Links?

    PayRequest is able to provide you with the most up to date, suitable payment methods. Making it easier for both your guests and you.

    By introducing PayRequest payment methods into your restaurant you are making the payment phase more efficient in a big way. With a PayRequest account, you will be able to view all payments with great ease. Saving you and you accountant plenty of time!

    Also, no need to worry about whether or not a customers payment will be accepted. PayRequest accepts all les modes de paiement.

    We even offer custom branding! This allows you to make your PayRequest page your own, by adding your logo and colours.

    So why not give it a go? S'inscrire for free!