Qu'est-ce que la méthode de paiement Alipay ?

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    What is Alipay?

    Find out all you need to know about the payment method Alipay! What is it? Who uses it? And what are the benefits of this payment method?


    What is Alipay?

    Alipay is the most widely used online payment provider in China, with more than 100 million transactions per day and 520 million active users. The primary product is a digital wallet, Alipay Wallet, which is also a mobile app that allows customers to transact directly from their mobile devices.

    Alipay is an essential payment method for businesses looking to reach a significant proportion of Chinese shoppers, both at home and abroad. This method is available in 70 markets and has already been offered by 80,000 stores worldwide.



    Benefits of Alipay

    • Access to over 520 million registered users
    • A solution with the most advanced encryption technology for secure transactions
    • A frictionless experience using standard and one-click payments


    How do accept Alipay Payment Method?

    Alipay has millions of users and it is an essential payment method accepted by companies that want to expand worldwide.

    Demande de paiement offers an all-in-one payment platform that allows your customers to choose from over 20 different payment methods, including Alipay.

    Une fois que vous avez signed up to PayRequest for free, you will be able to start accepting payments not only from Europe but from around the world.

    When customers select Alipay as their payment method, they will be directed to the banking page where they will complete the transaction by inserting their account name and IBAN number. You will then receive a notification of the payment.

    For a full list of payment methods that can be accepted with PayRequest, check out this article: Liste des modes de paiement



    Which countries use Alipay?

    Alipay is used worldwide! but mostly in China.

    For a full list of payment methods by country, have a look at this article: Méthodes de paiement par pays

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