Demande de paiement WhatsApp

WhatsApp Payment Request

PayRequest makes it easy to create payment links for your WhatApp, you can connect your Stripe account and all your clients can click on your payment request in WhatApp, after payment they receive a payment confirmation.

We connect your Stripe account to easily send WhatsApp payment requests via your own payment page, with no coding required, and all leading payment methods.

Accept Payments On WhatsApp

We help you to generate revenue via your WhatApp, it is up to you what you want to sell: online courses, digital downloads, clothes, or furniture, with PayRequest you can generate payment requests for WhatApp, just choose the amount and send the pay by link to your customer.

What Is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a simple and secure messaging app to call and chat with everybody all over the world, it is owned by Facebook.

No Coding Knowledge Required

Nous avons fait tout le travail de codage difficile pour que vous n'ayez pas à le faire. Aucune connaissance particulière n'est requise pour utiliser PayRequest. En quelques clics, vous pouvez créer un lien de paiement et le partager avec vos clients pour commencer à accepter des paiements en ligne. Il est facile à comprendre et parfaitement adapté aux particuliers et aux petites et moyennes entreprises.

Why Choose PayRequest?

PayRequest is a no-code payment platform with over 2000 businesses using our software every day to accept payments worldwide, we offer 24×7 support.

Monetize Your WhatsApp Accounts

The latest data shows that users are spending the most time on their smartphones browsing through social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can use PayRequest to add a payment link on your social media pages to boost your leads and drive more sales.

WhatsApp Payment Request Features

PayRequest offers a Payment Platform to easily create payment requests which you send to your WhatsApp audience.

Accepter les modes de paiement locaux

PayRequest offers support for more than 20 local payment methods across Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe. All your WhatApp audience can pay with all these payment methods.

Tableau de bord simple et intuitif

Managing your payment links and pages along with payment requests for your social media payments. You can track transactions, get reminders, and log updates along with many more useful features. You can have a secure payment page up and running in just 3 easy steps.

Prise en charge de plusieurs langues

Les ventes internationales sont plus fructueuses si les clients effectuent des transactions dans leur langue maternelle. Avec PayRequest, vous disposez de liens de paiement multilingues. Cela permet également d'accroître la présence de la marque dans les pays non anglophones.

Une solution unique pour vos besoins de paiement

Businesses and social media influencers require a one-stop payment gateway solution with easy management, and PayRequest does more than just that, to make WhatsApp Payment Requests available for everyone.

Leverage Your WhatsApp With Payment Requests

Use PayRequest To Create A Secure Payment Link For Your WhatsApp To Convert Followers Into Customers.

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