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Payment Insightsfor your company

With the PayRequest Dashboard you get Financial Business Insights, see how many customers you have and how many subscriptions you got, See your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) plus your Churn Rate, and check the open rate of all your payment requests.

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Get Financial Insights of Your Company

Get your own Insights page with valuable information about your finances.

Overview of all your Payment Requests

Get an overview of all your payment requests, in a glance you see how many payment links, payment plans, subscriptions, and Pre-authorisations you have.

Sales Summary

With Sales Summary you can get an overview of your total revenue and total payment requests, it also gives revenue of previous months.

See all your Customers

When you log in to the PayRequest Dashboard, you see directly how many customers you have, also you can directly go to your newest customers.

Recent Transactions

With PayRequest Insights we give you a quick overview of your last transactions, you immediately see which payments have come in.

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Get Metrics of your Subscriptions.

With PayRequest Insights you can monitor your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), Churn Rate (rate of attrition or customer churn), and see how many New Subscribers you have per month.

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Check the Open & Pay Rate
Of your Payment Links

See via the PayRequest Dashboard exactly how many payment links customers have opened, and keep monitor your pay rate to keep your company cashflow healthy.

Subscription Platform Features

We offer you all-in-one Subscription management software, no code required.

Payment Plans

With payment plans you can create one-time or subscription plans, This will save you time and keep you organized.

Your own Branding

You can use your own logo and background on your billing portal and payment links, and even your own colors.

Multi Language & Multi Currency

Never say no again, we support 20+ local payment methods from Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.

Customer Management

Manage all your customers via the customers list, search customers or add customer notes via a customers profile.

3D Secure payments

For extra fraud protection we use 3D Secure authentication method used to verify a customer's identity

Payment Tracking

We make sure you can track all payment activities. For example if your payment link is opened, and receive a notification when you get paid.

PayRequest Billing Portal

Customers can login and placing orders, and see their invoices (and only if you want) cancel their subscriptions.

Online Invoices

With every payment your customer receives an online invoice, they can download all their invoices via your billing portal.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can activate their subscription via the following payment methods: Credit Card, iDeal and Bancontact.

Payment Schedules

Schedule your payment plans to automatically bill your customers every day, week, month and even years.