PayRequest Launches Tax Haven!

Companies and startups spend a lot of time and money on their accounting, we have the solution Tax Haven, a new service from PayRequest, where we set up a company in The Bahamas for you, and you don’t have to pay tax on your earnings.

Now you can use the same construction as companies like Apple, Alphabet, and big artists and save a lot of money.

TAX Heaven Features

You can manage your entire company via PayRequest because you don’t have to do accounting, you can’t forget to do it either.

We set up a bank account for you and ensure that you comply with all legal rules.

It is not necessary to travel to the Bahamas, but apart from the favorable tax climate it is a very beautiful island, so we definitely recommend to do that!

Join our waitlist!

As you understand, this service is very popular, so it is not yet possible for everyone to use this new service, so we will start quietly in closed-beta from today.

Contact us if you are interested to join Tax Haven.

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