Sortie de PayRequest UPDATE 4

With our PayRequest Update 3 launch, we released new features like Zapier, Customer Management, Payment Page Editor, Payment Receipts, and Dashboard Insights.

I can promise you that our Update 4 launch will have just as many new features to help your business with accepting payments online.

New in Update 4

PayRequest Update 4 propose une nouvelle expérience produit, l'intégration de PayPal, des champs personnalisés, TAX, et bien d'autres améliorations et nouvelles fonctionnalités.

🧾 TAX Support

In Update 4 we have added TAX Support, you are able now to add your own TAX/VAT Classes, and charge your customers with your own TAX/GST/VAT rates.

🏪 Products 

Désormais, avec Products, vous pouvez facilement vendre des produits en ligne, comme des téléchargements numériques, des livres électroniques, des services ou des logiciels en ligne.

💳 PayPal (Payment Gateway)

Nous sommes fiers d'annoncer que nous sommes un partenaire officiel de PayPal, et vous pouvez connecter votre compte PayPal (Business), et l'utiliser même avec votre compte Stripe.

📝 Custom Fields

Now with custom fields, you can customize your checkout, and add extra components like plain text, date & time, yes/no, images & files, and many more.

💽 Transaction Filter & Exports

You will have a better overview of all your transactions, filter for a specific date or even per transaction type, also you can export your transactions to CSV, Exel, and even PDF.

🌎 9 Dashboard Languages (Beta)

The PayRequest Dashboard now supports 9 Languages.

💴 Multi-Currency Payment Links

You can now choose what currency you want when you create a new payment link.

✅ Full changelog
  • PR – 74 Default color override custom colors
  • PR – 90 Onboarding enhancements
  • PR – 103 Refunds are saved correctly and shown accordingly
  • PR – 106 Payment link, option to change currency instead of always using the default
  • PR – 107 New request – create checkbox to enable shipping
  • PR – 118 Rename payment plans to products
  • PR – 119 Optimize products table to support multiple fields and custom fields
  • PR – 122 product save and edit functions
  • PR – 127 Delete product & add tax page with options.
  • PR – 132 Shipping Address is never present in the “create order” call.
  • PR – 136 Refunds ux update
  • PR – 140 Custom amount for new subscriptions (instead of 0,01)
  • PR-151 Custom amounts on the personal page
  • Many bugfixes (PR-63, PR-143, PR-52, and more)

Start directly using all these new features!  Just log in via our dashboard: