PayRequest UPDATE 4 Released

With our PayRequest Update 3 launch, we released new features like Zapier, Customer Management, Payment Page Editor, Payment Receipts, and Dashboard Insights.

I can promise you that our Update 4 launch will have just as many new features to help your business with accepting payments online.

New in Update 4

PayRequest Update 4 features a new product experience, PayPal integration, custom fields, TAX, and many more enhancements and new features.

🧾 TAX Support

In Update 4 we have added TAX Support, you are able now to add your own TAX/VAT Classes, and charge your customers with your own TAX/GST/VAT rates.

πŸͺ Products 

Now with Products, you can easily sell products online, like digital downloads, e-books, services, or online software.

πŸ’³ PayPal (Payment Gateway)

We are proud to announce that we are an official PayPal Partner, and you can connect your PayPal (Business) account, and use it even with your Stripe account.

πŸ“ Custom Fields

Now with custom fields, you can customize your checkout, and add extra components like plain text, date & time, yes/no, images & files, and many more.

πŸ’½ Transaction Filter & Exports

You will have a better overview of all your transactions, filter for a specific date or even per transaction type, also you can export your transactions to CSV, Exel, and even PDF.

🌎 9 Dashboard Languages (Beta)

The PayRequest Dashboard now supports 9 Languages.

πŸ’΄ Multi-Currency Payment Links

You can now choose what currency you want when you create a new payment link.

βœ… Full changelog
  • PR – 74 Default color override custom colors
  • PR – 90 Onboarding enhancements
  • PR – 103 Refunds are saved correctly and shown accordingly
  • PR – 106 Payment link, option to change currency instead of always using the default
  • PR – 107 New request – create checkbox to enable shipping
  • PR – 118 Rename payment plans to products
  • PR – 119 Optimize products table to support multiple fields and custom fields
  • PR – 122 product save and edit functions
  • PR – 127 Delete product & add tax page with options.
  • PR – 132 Shipping Address is never present in the β€œcreate order” call.
  • PR – 136 Refunds ux update
  • PR – 140 Custom amount for new subscriptions (instead of 0,01)
  • PR-151 Custom amounts on the personal page
  • Many bugfixes (PR-63, PR-143, PR-52, and more)

Start directly using all these new features!  Just log in via our dashboard: