4 Ways To Accept Payments Without A Website

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    Accept Payments without a Website

    Most people think that you need a website, to start accepting payments, of course, you need a webpage like a PayRequest Payment Page, but a full website is not needed, with your own Payment Page, you can directly accept payments and share it on Instagram or via WhatsApp.


    4 Ways To Accept Payments Without A Website

    Start your online business in minutes, no need to hire someone to create a website for you, also no technical knowledge is required, we offer you a no-code payment solution.

    1. Your own Payment Page

    With PayRequest you can create your own payrequest. me payment page, and accept payments via your own persona page.

    2. Accept Credit Card Payments over the Phone

    Closing a deal? stop asking for their e-mail, you already got their phone number, send them a payment link, and they will fill in their e-mail, and name, and pay your request.

    3. Accept Payments via QR Codes

    QR Codes are useful for street vendors because they can print QR Code Payment Links for all their products, customers scan the QR code and the merchant gets a direct confirmation when the customer has paid.

    4. Accept Payments via Email

    Using Stripe for your online payment processing? With PayRequest you can let your customers pay via Stripe, just send them a payment request via email, and via your payment link they can pay you easily.

    Advice needed on how you can accept payments without a website?

    You can always contact PayRequest if you want more information about the best ways how we can help you, accept payments, or sell products online (without a website).