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PayRequest provides the best pricing for businesses and creators seeking a reliable payment processing solution.  Our rates allow you to manage your payments easily.

PayRequest BASIC

Customer reach & budget


PayRequest PRO

Create payments like a pro



30-day money back guarantee

Compare Plans

Most features you get with all our plans, but get PRO or PRO+ if you want more!



€20 /mo


€120 /mo


Transaction Fees

A small fee on top up your payment gateway




Unlimited Products

Sell unlimited products via your shop

Payment Links

Create unlimited payment links.

Payment Page

Get your own

Developer Features

PayRequest API

Access to the PayRequest API

Subscription Management

Create Recurring Payments

SMS Payments

Send SMS Payment Requests

Payment QR Codes

QR Codes for Payment Requests

Customer Management

Create and Manage Customers

High note dashboard for customers

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Roles and permissions

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Spend rules and velocity controls

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Effortlessly move funds

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Detailed transaction payloads

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Customer and product support

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PCI Compliant SDKs

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Detailed developer documentation

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Real-time notifications and webhooks

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Features Included with Basic & PRO

We do not force you to get a subscription, even with our free plan you get enterprise features to run your business.

Dashboard Features

Advantages you Get with PRO!

Our PRO plan is created for businesses that want to accept payments without high costs and features that increase their conversion.

0.5% transaction fee

Unlimited SMS

Custom CSS

Priority Support

Questions About our Pricing?

We try here to answer your question, but just contact our 24/ support team if you have any more question.

Why is PayRequest Basic free?

We want to help startup and small business to accept payments, with our 1% transaction fee, we can still cover our costs.

Are their additional costs?

No, but your payment gateway can always 

Can I switch between basic and pro?

Yes, you can always down or upgrade your plan.

Can I cancel my plan?

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Let’s try our service now!

PayRequest is your global payment solution for your Business. Sell products online without code, you can start right away without entering your payment details.