Subscription Management

PayRequest Subscription Management lets you automate billing cycles, manage customer subscriptions, and receive payments automaticly. Perfect for Saas, Freelancers, Hosting & Small businesses.

Complete Subscription Platform


Subscriptions List

In the PayRequest Dashboard you can see a list of all your Subscriptions.

Find everything you want with our Filter, Search & Export function.

Manage Subscriptions

You can perform the following actions for all Subscriptions: Pause, Refund or Cancel.

This all can be done in just 1 click, and all actions will be logged for you.

Subscription Plans

Set up a Subscription Plan with your prefered price and optionally add additional fees.

Also, you can setup an preferred billing cycle, offer monthly or yearly subscriptions, control the cancellation process and activate payment verification against fraud.

Multi-Channel Payment Links

With PayRequest you have the flexibility to send payment links via Email, SMS, or QR Code.

This adaptability ensures that you can reach your customers through their preferred communication channel.

Dynamic Payment Links

Dynamic Payment Links are customizable URLs which works with your link.

Add parameters such as description, amount, currency, and customer details like email or name.

Subscription Management For Everyone

Use our no-code subscription management solution for any use case.

Sports & Entertaiment

Many Businesses in the Sports & Entertainment industry, are experimenting with Subscription Models, especially Fitness, Yoga, Gaming & Music companies are creating new subscriptions to grow their MRR.

Hotels, B&B's, and Hostels

Subscriptions are a great way to receive payments from guests or regular visitors that require a VIP service. Choose a custom duration and interval for each subscription and stay flexible.

Monthly Boxes

Not only food boxes are popular, but other markets are also creating their subscription boxes. For example, you have beauty boxes, toy boxes, wine boxes, clothing boxes, and many more.

SaaS Businesses

We offer Subscription management software for Startups and SaaS businesses to automate their recurring payments, our API and Zapier integration can integrate seamlessly with your applications.

Subscriptions in 3 steps!

Your customer will only need to complete 3 accessible steps to complete their subscription

Open payment link

The customer will receive the payment link by mail, text message, QR, or manual solutions provided by you.

Fill in details

If required the customer needs to fill in their details, don’t forget their payment details and click next.

Verify Payment

The customer verifies their payment, and you will be notified. That’s it!
If enabled they will receive a invoice.

Want to use Subscriptions?

Sign up with a few simple steps, connect the PSP to your liking, and let’s go!