Accept iDeal payments easily

Accept iDeal Payments Easily

iDeal is the leading payment method in the Netherlands. Make sure you never miss out on a payment. Accept iDeal payments easily, today!

You can find out more about iDeal in our other blog post: What is iDeal?

iDeal payments

iDeal is an payment method to accept as a business. It is the payment method most used within the Netherlands. The Dutch use iDeal because it allows them to complete fast and simple payments every time. A frustration of theirs however, is that there is still a large quantity of companies that do not offer iDeal as a payment method..

Accepting iDeal payments is with PayRequest is easy! Get ahead of the game and start accepting iDeal payments today. Never miss out on a sale again!

How to accept iDeal payments

Follow just a few simple step to start accepting Dutch payments!

1. Sign up and log into your PayRequest account

2. Connect your Stripe or PayPal account

3. Create your personal payment page

4. Choose how you wish to accept iDeal payments. It could be via:

  • your payment page
  • a payment link
  • QR code

5. Let your customers pay!

More about PayRequest

– Accept over 20 different payment methods

– Accept the majority of currencies

– Multilingual payments

– Send payment reminders

– Monitor, track and log payments on private dashboard

– Customizable features (add branding and colours of choice)

Are you ready to start accepting iDeal payments easily? Sign up today for free!

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