Accept Visa Payments

Find out how to accept Visa and other payment methods all through one gateway. The quick and easy way to accept payments for all businesses.

Why Accept Visa?

Visa is one of the leading credit card services worldwide. Visa card holder can use the card to make purchases online and offline. With billions of users, Visa is a payment method accepted in a vast majority of countries and is frequently found as a payment option for online purchases.

As a business, it is essential to accept Visa as a payment method when offering a product or service online. Otherwise, this could result in regular missed sale opportunities.

Accept Visa Payments Online

When looking for a way to accept Visa payments online, a very easy and convenient method is to use a payment gateway. A payment gateway allows you to accept Visa payments, as well as a vast variety of other payment methods, all through the same tool.

Accepting payments online has been made easy by payment gateways like PayRequest. Once you have signed up for free, simply follow the steps to creating your personal payment page.

Once you have created your payment page you will be able to accept all payment methods and the majority of of currencies from around the world.

Visa Payments with PayRequest

You can accept payments with PayRequest by sharing you payment page, a payment link, or a QR code with your customer. You can share this via your website, email, Whatsapp or one of the many other channels available with PayRequest.

PayRequest is super easy to use and provides not only a simple and convient way to accept payments, but also many other cool features to help you out on your payment journey. Some of these features include:

- Your own private dashboard
- Monitor status of all payments
- Accept more that 20 different payment methods
- Accept the majority of currenices
- Multilingual payments
- Add your own branding

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