Affiliate Program

The PayRequest Affiliate Program is designed for digital agencies, web hosting companies, web designers, marketing agencies, and anyone who wants an extra recurring income.

 <b>Affiliate Program</b>

PayRequest Affiliate Benefits

Recurring Commissions

Qe don't give one-time fees, once you've introduced a customer you get lifetime commissions!

Your own Affiliate link

We give you your own affiliate link, which you can share everywhere, and can place on your website.

Fast Payouts

When your affiliate account has a balance above €50, we will pay you directly to your bank account.

PayRequest Affiliate Tiers

When you start promoting PayRequest, you directly start in the Silver Tier, when you refer more customers your transaction volume will grow, and above €10.000 you will automatically go to the Gold Tier, which gives you 0.02% of every payment instead of 0.01%

How much would your affiliates receive in payments?
What would you receive as a fee
What would you receive as a fee
What would you receive as a fee
What would you receive as a fee


  • 0 to 10.000 euro in transactions
  • No extra cost for you


  • 10.001 to 500.000 euro in transactions
  • No extra cost for you


  • 500.001 to 1.000.000 euro in transactions
  • No extra cost for you


  • 1.000.001 euro and more
  • No extra cost for you

PayRequest Affiliate FAQ

Who Can Become a PayRequest Affiliate?

Everyone with a PayRequest account should be able to use our Affiliate Program.

Do I need a PayRequest Account?

Yes, you can get a free PayRequest account via our dashboard.

How Do I Join the Affiliate Program?

Just login with your PayRequest Account, and click on the Affiliate link in the left menu.

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