How to get paid via Stripe

How to get paid via Stripe? This is a question that I often hear from new freelancers who are looking to earn money through their websites or mobile apps. In this article, we will look at how to integrate Stripe with your website or other no-code solutions to accept payments.

Stripe is a payment processing company that allows developers to accept payments directly within their applications. They offer a free plan for startups and a premium plan for larger businesses.

You can easily add Stripe to your website or mobile app using Stripe Connect. Once you’ve integrated Stripe, you can create a customer account and charge customers for purchases.

5 Ways to get paid via Stripe

Stripe is a payment processor that allows you to accept payments on your website or app. It’s free and easy to set up, but it also has some great features that make it worth using. In this post, we will look at 5 ways to use Stripe for your business.

1.  Using no-code payment solutions

Not only Stripe but also many Stripe Partners like PayRequest offer no-code payment solutions but what are no-code payment solutions?

No code payments are a set of technologies that allow developers and everyone to build applications without writing any code.

There is no technical knowledge required, with just a simple click you can create a payment link and accept payments right away.

2. With a Stripe Payment Page

One easy way to get paid via Stripe is to set up a payment page. This can be done using PayRequest.

here you can get your own page where you can accept any amount of money you want.

Your customers or visitors can select the amount they want and make a payment right away.

Also, a Payment Page can with your own branding (and even your own domain name) you can add your own logo and background + brand colors, to make it your own.

Payment Links are the most common way to get paid via Stripe, many partners like PayRequest and Stripe itself offer payment links to send a payment request to your customers.

Customers can receive a payment link via email, SMS, or scan a QR code in the mail or even in-store, it is a simple and efficient way to offer you a fast way to pay via Stripe.

4. Stripe Invoices

The oldest way to get paid was through invoices, which were sent by post. Nowadays, you can send them by email. The problem is that if you do so, your customer still needs to copy your bank details. You can use Stripe and PayRequest to send invoices with payment links. After their payment, they will receive their invoice in their mailbox, or they can download it directly.

5. Selling Products Online

Stripe is also a great payment gateway to use for selling products online, this can digital goods but also physical products like selling products via a webshop.

With PayRequest you can easily create products and show them on your payment page, or add them to payment links you need to send, you can choose your own amount and image which will be visible.

6.  Donations Page

Are you a charity or do you just want to receive donations via Stripe? Then you can create a donation page, this way people can donate to you directly to Stripe, also they can leave a message on your donation feed, and you can set up a donation goal to motivate others to make a donation.

What do you need to do after you get paid?

Once customers pay you via Stripe, they will add their payment to your Stripe balance. You can then request a payout when you’ve reached a minimum.

Payouts can vary depending on the industry and country where you operate. When you start processing live payments for your customers with Stripe you won’t get your first payout until seven to fourteen days after receiving your first successfully processed payment. The first payout might take longer than usual because of your country or being in an industry where there are risks involved. Processing subsequent payments then happen according to your payout schedule.

Use PayRequest to get paid via Stripe

Stripe is a service that lets you accept payments on your website, mobile app, or other online services. It’s simple, quick, and free! We will show you how to add Stripe to your website or mobile app so people can pay with credit cards on the go.

PayRequest is a non-code platform, we’re Stripe’s partner since 2019, and we have a Stripe integration so you can do everything you could do in Stripe and more, within minutes you’ll be able to create: payment links, payment pages, or set up subscriptions.

Read more about PayRequest: and discover our Stripe Payment Solutions.