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No Code Payments - How to Send and Accept them

Find out the new way to make payments as a business. Save time by sending no code payments to your customers. It’s safe, fast, and cost effective.

What is a No Code Payment?

A no code payment is a payment that can be sent using a payment link, QR code or donation button. Using one of these alternatives means that there is no need to write codes or other information in order to make a transaction.

In order to create, send and receive no code payments, you must join a payment gateway provider such as PayRequest. Once you have created your personal payment page you will be able to share your page with your customers.

No code payments can be used in a variety of different industries. Whether you are selling a variety of products or services, one staple product, or are part of a non profit organization. No code payments are an easy and convenient way to accept all payments and/or donations.

How to Send and Recieve No Code Payments

Payment Link
When selling a product or service, you will be able to process no code payments quickly and efficiently by creating and sharing a payment link with your customer. You can select the specific amount, and can also monitor the payment request status (received, opened, paid).

As the customer, they will receive the payment request, select their preferred method of payment and confirm the payment. Once the payment has been made you, as the seller, will receive a notification.

QR Code
A QR code is the perfect no code payment method to use when selling a frequently purchased product or service. Simply create a unique QR code (insert also price and brief product description) and place it next to the product or service you are offering.

Customers will scan the QR code and will then be directed immediately to your payment page where they can select their preferred method of payment and confirm the payment.

All payments received will be visible to you on your private dashboard.

Donation Button
A donation button is the best no code payment option for non profit organizations. Link a donation button to your payment page, and share it on your website.

People visiting your webiste will be able to click on the donation button to then be directed to your donations page. Here, people can choose their preferred payment method and select the amount they wish to donate. There are various other cool features that can be used to make your donations page fun and easy to use. 

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