Payment Gateway Provider

Payment Gateway Provider

Find out how to use a Payment Gateway Provider to accept all payment methods and currencies. It’s simple and easy. Don’t miss out! 

What is a Payment Gateway?

A Payment Gateway is a financial technological service provided by online merchants used to authorize safe transactions and online payments.

Payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and Mollie can provide you with a way to make fast and secure payments without the use of your physical card or processing the payment via your bank.

Using a payment gateway is simple and easy. You simply connect your credit or debit card to your account and then process your transaction.

What is a Payment Gateway Provider?

Unlike payment gateways, a payment gateway provider like PayRequest has been tailored specifically for businesses, e-commerce companies, and non-profit organizations’ needs.

Once integrated with your company, a payment gateway provider can be used to send and receive payments to and from customers online. Payment gateway providers like PayRequest are able to accept all payment methods and world currencies through one platform.

Designed to make online payments seamless for businesses and customers alike, payment gateway providers like PayRequest come with unique features that make it quick and easy for you to monitor and process your payments.

PayRequest Payment Gateway Provider Features

Here are some of the main features that PayRequest offers its users.

When creating your donation page using PayRequest’s online donation system, you can change the colors and branding of the page. You can even add your own logo. This really gives the donation page a personal touch.

Accept all payment methods
You read it correctly. You can really accept all payment methods! PayRequest accepts over 20 payment methods from around the world. This means there are no limits as to who can donate.

Realtime currency conversion
When accepting different payment methods, we also understand the importance of currency conversion. That is why we make sure to apply real-time currency conversion to all donations.

With your partnership with PayRequest comes your unique private dashboard where you are able to track the journey of all your payments. You can even see if a payment request has been opened.

When sending a payment link you can choose which language you want it to be in! This lets you make your page more accessible to even more people.

Secure payments
One of the main priorities of PayRequest is providing you and your donors with safe payments. PayRequest is a payment gateway that you can trust. PayRequest uses 3D authentication methods as extra anti-fraud measures, keeping your payments safe.

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