PayRequest Launches Affiliate Program

PayRequest Launches Affiliate Program!

Starting today every PayRequest customer can use our affiliate program! So do you use and love PayRequest? Now you can promote our products and make a recurring income!

We give you your own affiliate link, which you can share everywhere, and can place on your website.

When your affiliate account has a balance above €50, we will pay you directly to your bank account.

Affiliate Tiers

When you start promoting PayRequest, you directly start in the Silver Tier, when you refer more customers your transaction volume will grow,

and above €10.000 you will automatically go to the Gold Tier, which gives you 0.02% of every payment instead of 0.01%

Make more money today!

You find our new Affiliate Program on the left menu in your PayRequest Dashboard.

Start directly using our new affiliate program!  Just log in via our dashboard: