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Send customers
pre-authorization payment links

temporary hold an amount on your customers credit card, during the hold period the funds are unavailable to the customer, the funds can be captured if needed, like when someone checking out of a hotel, or just as rental security deposits.

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Manage all your
Payment Links

The PayRequest Dashboard lets you manage all your payment links and more, with a simple overview you can view all status and reminders that are send, you will also get a log update when someone views, payment or pays your payment link.

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Pre-authorization for
Hotels, B&B’s & Hostels

Pre-authorization payments are commonly used by a handful of different businesses. For example, hotels use pre-authorization payments while guests stay in hotel rooms, charging for the stay once the guest has checked out. Car rental companies will also use pre-authorization payments to ensure customers are paying for the rental and have an incentive to bring it back in good shape with plenty of gas.

pre-authorization Features

Multi Currency

  • We support al major currencies all around the globe, with realtime currency conversion for every currency.

Branded Payment Links

  • Pre-Authorization Payment Links with your own brand logo & background, also you can choose your own colors.

Multi Language

  • Pre-Authorization are multi-language, so that you can welcome all your customers in your own language.

Capture or Refund

  • Increase or decrease the initially authorised amount at a later point, with a full or partial refund or capture.

3D Secure payments

  • For extra fraud protection we use 3D Secure authentication method used to verify a customer's identity.

Payment Tracking

  • You can track all payment activity like: if your Pre-Authorization is opened, and a notification when you get paid.

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Create Pre-Authorization Requests
in 3 simple steps.

connect payment provider 1
1. Connect a payment provider

create your own payment link 2
2. Create a pre-authorization request
Share your payment link and get paid 3
3. Customer can pay the request

All-In-One Payment Platform
For Your Business

We replace all your payment tools in a handy dashboard where you can easily create payment requests and more.

  • Multiple Payment Providers
  • Branded Payment Page
  • 3D Secure authentication
  • Send Payment Links
  • Multi-currency
  • 24/7 Live-chat Support




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