PayRequest Pricing

No monthly fees just 1% per succesful transaction.

Simple pricing

We do not have monthly fees

You can use all our serivces free of charge, you only pay per succesfull transaction.

per month
  • 200GB File Storage
  • Unlimited Users
  • Premium Support
PayRequest Fees
per transaction
  • Unlimited payment requests
  • Unlimited Integrations

Frequently asked questions

PayRequest is a Payment Platform where you can create payment links with Stripe or Mollie More coming soon!, and directly send reminders to your customers via email or sms. With PayRequest you can create Beautiful Payment Links and change the look & feel of your payment link pages. Add your own logo, change the company avatar or add your own background.
A payment link is a unique link you can share via email or sms which contains a specified amount and a personal message for the reciever. On the payment link page they can choose a payment method like credit card and pay the requested amount. After a succesfull payment you will get a notification about it.
Signup for Payrequest and creating payment links is free, you only pay the transactions costs of Mollie or Stripe plus a 1% service fee to cover the costs of our platform.
Educational and non-profit organisations could be eligible to receive the premium package for no additional costs except sms or letter credits. For more information about this topic please contact us.
For now we only support Mollie & Stripe because these are big names in the PSP market, we are planning to support more PSP in the future, also CoinBase & PayPal is on our roadmap, if you need any other PSP please contact us and we will add it to our roadmap.