School Payment System

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    School Payment System

    With PayRequest you can easily send payment requests for the annual school contribution, offer parents simple payment options thanks to payment links, automatically send payment reminders via SMS or Email via our PayRequest Dashboard, and create donation pages to collect money for fundraisers by students.



    School Payment System Solutions

    Accept online payments with your school, reduce your administration costs and optimize cash flow with simple payment solutions.

    Payment Links for Contribution

    Send bulk payment requests for annual school contributions, annual school trips, voluntary contributions for Christmas dinner or Easter breakfast, and any reason to send parents a payment request.

    Recurring Payments for Students

    Set up easy recurring payments for students of schools, colleges, and other educational institutes. Save time by sending dues or other school subscriptions monthly or annually.

    Send Payment Links for Overdue Invoices

    Have your student’s parents not paid the invoice yet? Send a friendly payment reminder through our payment system, add administration costs, or have them paid without extra fees.

    Send Payment Links via Email or SMS

    Sometimes you do have not the ability to directly let parents pay, in that case, you send them a payment link via e-mail or SMS, and they can pay later if they check their e-mail or SMS.


    Accept School Payments today

    The PayRequest Dashboard shows you all payment requests that have been sent to students, in a handy overview you immediately see which students have paid or not yet, and which actions have taken place in the payment process.