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    PayRequest makes it easy to sure payment links and sends them worldwide with all your customers, accepting credit card payments online.

    The shortage of time in our lives has taken a whole new level. Making transfers and paying through cash is now a mind-numbing task. Throughout the world, people are using the Payment link. Through a secure payment link, this tedious task is simplified because it offers a huge list of advantages.

    It has become the future payment system around the globe. With time, society is continuously evolving and adapting to new changes, needs, or demands. People around the globe are using online stores.

    This shows us the vitality of online payment. It looks unprofessional when you gave a bank account to your customers for the payment process. You need to look professional when you are running a business.


    Secure Payment Link Gateway

    When we talk about payment links, we mean secure payment links. The Secure Payment link is a method of payment that has simplified the process of sending and receiving money for any sort of task that has been done online. A payment link takes you out of traditional online store purchases. It is a secure way of requesting payments when your customers purchase your goods or services.

    It is simply a “pay invoice” that you send to your customers via email. When your customer received that email they click on it and it will take them to the payment page showing the amount that is needed to be paid. The process is done through a secure payment link while keeping every sort of information and billing completely secured.

    Secure Payment Links offers the fastest, most reliable, secure, trustworthy, and purpose-built payment system. It allows better conversions without any kind of risks.


    Secure Payment Link Benefits

    The Secure payment link is convenient. It is convenient because the receiver does not have to download any sort of application. It is merely a link and you are good to make payments. By clicking on the link all the tedious process of payment is done.

    Secure Payment Link has simplified the process of making payments. It is easier for you to collect payments and for your customers to make payments throughout the world.

    Fast Secure Payment Links

    Through Secure Payment Link, the collection of payments becomes faster. By simply adding “Pay Now” or “Pay invoice” in the electronic invoices, you inspire your customers to pay immediately. With faster payments, enjoy transparency and security.

    Payment Links with Security

    Secure Payment link, as the name shows, ensures security and safety. It ensures that your payment is completely safe and secure. You need to get a payment link because well-known platforms all around the world are adopting this type of payment method.

    Through secure Payment links, there is full assurance of guaranteed transactions. There is no bank account displayed in this process, that’s why you need to get this payment link to make your payments secured, faster, and reliable.

    Global Secure Payment Links

    The Secure Payment link is not restricted to a specific group of people for usage. Businesses all around the world are using this platform for taking the bulk of the amount online. B2B companies send electronic invoices to their customers embedded with payment links.

    You need to get secure payment links due to their immense benefits. Secure payment link works at an international level. You can use this link to send money in any other currency. The receiver can receive the money and change it into its currency.



    Start with Secure Payment Links

    Connect Your Stripe Account And Start Making Secure Payment Links.

    1. Connect your Stripe Account

    With the easy PayRequest Onboarding, you can connect or create a Stripe Account.

    2. Create a Secure Payment Link

    Via the PayRequest Dashboard, you create a new request, where you can add a customer and directly send them a secure payment link.

    3. Send the Secure Payment Link

    After your free payment link is created we immediately send a notification to your customer via SMS or email, they can click on the link, which will then redirect to your payment link to make the payment, you can configure if you want to send stripe payment reminders if they do not respond to the first payment reminder.  

    There are many more super useful features that come with PayRequest. Don’t forget to sign up!


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