What are Dynamic Payment Links?

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    What are Dynamic Payment Links?

    A Dynamic payment link can be used the same way as a payment link, the only difference is that you do not need to create a payment link if you want a dynamic payment link, as they already waiting for you to be used, just fill in your application or browser address bar, the amount & title you want, and you can directly share it with your customers.

    Dynamic Payment Link Use Cases

    You can use dynamic payment links for everything, it is a great payment solution for small and large businesses.

    (Dynamic) Multi-Currency Payment Links

    Specify your dynamic payment link with every currency you want, just change the $ to € or any other currency.

    (Dynamic) Payment Method Links

    Need to send local payment requests or just for iDeal or Mistercash? The payment method links are your solution!

    (Dynamic) Bulk Payment Requests

    Dynamic payment links are reusable, and send payment requests in bulk, for example, a concert.

    (Dynamic) Variable Payment Links

    Automate Payments for your Applications by using PHP/Python/Javascript variables in your links for example /{invoice} /{email} /{amount} and much more!

    Check our Dynamic Payment Links Cheatsheet

    With our cheatsheet you can see exactly what kind of dynamic payment links you can create, we have the ambition to add more dynamic links in the future.

    Dynamic payment links cheatsheet: http://help.payrequest.io/en/articles/5532377-dynamic-payment-links-cheatsheet