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There is not even a Wikipedia page about Payment Links, it is a pretty new payment solution, that makes it easier for customers to pay online, in this guide we will explain what Payment Links are, and how businesses can benefit from them.

A payment link is a URL (hyperlink) that you can share online, on your website, e-mail, or via WhatsApp, customers can click on this payment link, and they will be redirected to a payment page where they can pay via different payment methods.

Payment links are a fast and easy way for merchants to send payment requests to their customers, successful payments will be real-time to notify the merchant that the payment is successful.

  • – Most payment links are paid within 24 hours
  • – Payment Links can be shared via QR Codes or WhatsApp.
  • – Let customers pay when it suits them.
  • – Send bulk payment links to all your customers in minutes.
  • – Offer more payment methods than the competition.
  • – Accept payments worldwide with multilingual and multicurrency.


There are many more benefits to why your business should be using Payment Links, you will encounter this yourself in this payment link ultimate guide.

To start creating payment links, you need a payment processor or payment provider, that has software to generate payment links, more and more financial companies, such as banks, Payment Service Providers, and fintech startups.

List of companies where you can create Payment Links:

  • – PayRequest
  • – RazorPay
  • – UsePlink
  • – PayLike
  • – InstantMojo
  • – PayPal
  • – Adyen
  • – RazorPay


But also long-standing companies like banks and invoice software companies (XERO and QuickBooks) are adding payment links, to give their merchants a simple solution to collect money.

Payment links are new, but they will remain and will continue to be expanded with more features.

Payment links come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes they are unique links, dynamic links, or just a payment page.

Example of a payment link

A payment link starts always with a website URL like PayPal.me or payrequest.me or a sub-domain like pay.adyen.com, after the URL you sometimes see a unique code or your company name and an amount.

After you have created a payment link, you must of course share it or place it somewhere, you can send a payment link via E-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, or post it on your website or social media, you can also create a QR Code that you links to your payment link.

Send Payment Links via E-mail

Many payment platforms like PayRequest, send the payment directly to your customer, but of course, you can also copy the payment link and send it to your customer via Gmail or outlook.

Send Payment Links via SMS

If you have the phone number of your customer, you can also send the payment link via SMS, PayRequest can also do this for you.

Send Payment Links via WhatsApp

Payment links are increasingly sent that include messaging services like WhatsApp, Telegram, and iMessage, benefiting the many users already using messaging services.

Share your Payment Links on your Website

Do you have a website or blog? then simply place a payment link on your website, visitors can simply click on the link and pay.

Share your Payment Links via QR Codes

In China you can pay everywhere with QR Codes, more and more payment requests worldwide are made via a QR Code, the biggest advantage is that you can share them offline.

Payment Links are useful for businesses large and small that want to request payment requests quickly and easily, often no technical knowledge is required to offer payment links.

Payment Links for Charity Charities can easily receive donations via payment links, there is the possibility that visitors enter an amount themselves, and can choose how much to donate.

Payment Links for Influencers Payment links are very useful to offer to a large audience, as they can complete the payment themselves, which saves a lot of time and increases conversion.

Payment Links for Global Companies Payment Links can be multilingual and multicurrency, allowing you to accept payments in any country and continent.

Payment Links for Businesses without a website With your own payment link and payment page, you do not need your own website, to start accepting payments from your customers, just send them to your payment link.

PayRequest is the expert in payment links, we can help to integrate payment links into your payment processes, thanks to our extensive dashboard you can offer payment links with your own corporate identity.

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