What is the Open Startup Movement?

What is an Open Startup?

Learn here the What and Why about Open Startups and how this movement is providing a refreshing new perspective on how businesses can work.

So What Exactly is an Open Startup?

An Open Startup is a very transparent company that is willing to share its statistics and metrics with the public. Hence the word ‘open’, really means that the company is an open book, and is happy to be.

Usually, Open Startups will share information such as their growth, revenue, traffic, etc. on particular web pages such as OpenStartup. These pages host a vast variety of Open Startups and are great hubs for finding out interesting data from different companies, and also for learning more about the team behind the company.

Open Startups are also very open about their business journeys. You can often find interviews and stories that have been shared by Open Startups, where they mention the hard truths and exciting moments that have led up to where they are now.

Why Become an Open Startup?

A very frequent question people ask, is why would you become an Open Startup? Why would you want to make so much information visible to the public?

The real mentality of Open Startups is to provide a refreshing and positive new outlook and direction for companies. Companies can often be misleading, by projecting a certain image of themselves when the reality is quite different. The idea of Open Startups is that through transparency, customers can get to know the real company.

Becoming an Open Startup is great for both customers and the company. Being an Open Startup also entails being open to feedback. Sharing development progress is a great way that Open Startups to gain plenty of honest feedback from their customers. This means businesses can tweak and improve their products based on realistic demand.

Moving Forward…

Through this unique shared positivity and open mentality, communities of Open Startups and indie developers have grown. With more businesses willing to talk about their business adventures, the ups and downs, and tips and tricks, more and more people are now taking the step into the Open Startup world.

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