What is Embedded Checkout?

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    Most webshops or websites have a hosted checkout, which is stored on their server/hosting, this means the visitor needs first fill in their personal and bank details before they will redirect to the payment gateway where they can make the payment.

    With an embedded checkout you place a Javascript code on your website from a payment platform like PayRequest, which will host the checkout and let it embed on your website.

    the big advantage is that it does not cost any resources or development to offer your visitors a checkout option, it is always fast & secure, which leads to higher conversions and lower cart abandonment.


    How does Embedded checkout work?

    You can a small HTML code to your website, this is supported by most website platforms like Glide, Webflow, Wix, Weebly, Bubble, WordPress, and much more.


    Start using Embedded checkout!

    We make it easy to use embed a checkout on your website, our Support Team can help you with questions like integrations, onboarding of your employees, and configuration of your payment page. Our self-service payment platform is designed for small and large businesses.

    Or just want to learn more about PayRequest? Click here!