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Stripe pre-authorization

Stripe pre-authorization With Stripe Pre-authorization you can place a temporary hold on a card for up to 7 days, and the amount will always be available to capture or to refund, after no action after 7 days the full amount

Multi-currency Payment Solutions

What is a Multi-currency Payment Solutions? Muti-currency payment is a payment system that allows transactions to happen between two different currencies. It allows for the pricing of commodities, as well as payment of goods and services in the local currency

PayPal Payment Page

PayPal Payment Page PayRequest is the only solution where you can easily create a payment page for PayPal, you just connect your PayPal account, and instead of a page, you get your own payment page, which you can

How Do Pre Authorization Payments Work?

What Is a Pre Authorization Payment? When you make a traditional payment using a credit or debit card, the money is immediately withdrawn from your account and the purchase amount is subtracted from your available balance. Pre authorization payments work

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Netherlands Payment Gateway

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Our New and Improved Dashboard

The couple of months we have worked hard to restyle our dashboard, to make it more easy for businesses to accept payments, and to create their own payment page. What’s new in our Dashboard We have done our best not

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PayRequest is a Subscription Management & Billing Platform.


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