How to Create a Donation Site

How to Create a Donation Site

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    How to Create a Donation Site

    Creating a donation site has been made simple and easy with PayRequest. Accept all donations, big or small, from around the world today!


    What is an Online donation site?

    An online donation site is a simplest and best way to accept donations. An online donation site permits you to accept donations from all over the world, increasing the overall donations you will receive. 

    Creating a donation site has been made easy with PayRequest. Accept donations with or without a website. A donation site created with PayRequest is easy to use for both you and your donors. You can create your donation site and start accepting donations today by following a few simple steps!


    How to create a donation site

    Create your donation site today! Start by:

    1. Sign up to PayRequest for free
    2. Complete the onboarding process (it takes just a moment)
    3. Select that you wish to create a donation page
    4. You will be given your own personal donation page
    5. Share your donation page with your donors!

    Benefits of the PayRequest donation site

    • Customizable
      One of the best and most unique features of PayRequest is that it is possible to customize your fundraising page however you want. It is possible to change the colors of the fundraising page and even add a logo in you wish. This makes your fundraising page stand out with a fun and interesting design.


    • Show donations progress
      As part of your fundraising page, it is possible to set and show your fundraising goal via a real-time bar. You can also show a donations feed where donors’ names can be shown. This is a great motivational tool.


    • Accept all payment methods and currencies
      PayRequest accepts all payment methods. This means there will never be a problem with someone being unable to donate. PayRequest also supports the majority of global currencies, and always applies real-time conversion rates.
    • Multi-lingual
      Set your donations page to your preferred language!
    • Secure payments
      One of the main priorities of PayRequest is providing you and your donors with safe payments. PayRequest is a payment gateway that you can trust. PayRequest uses 3D authentication methods as extra anti-fraud measures, keeping your payments safe.

    Are you ready to start accepting donations with PayRequest? Sign up for free!

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