How to track a payment request?

How to Track a Payment Request?

Find out in this blog post how to track a payment request. Make sure your request has been received and get notified when the request has been paid.

PayRequest offers a unique feature when sending a payment request to a client or customer; the ability to track its status. Find out exactly how to track the status of your payment request and receive your money faster!

How to send a payment request

Firstly, make sure that you are signed into your PayRequest account. (if you do not yet have an account you can create one for free today).

Next, head to your payment page. Here you will be presented with the option of creating and sending a payment request. Insert the necessary information, like the amount to be paid, then select your preferred method in which to send your payment request, then click send.

How to track a payment request

Once your payment request has been sent, it’s time to start tracking!

You can track the status of your payment request via your private dashboard. Once you are looking at your dashboard find the payment request that you recently sent. In the information next to it you will be able to see the status of your payment request.

The status of your payment request will show either delivered, opened, or paid.

Once the payment has been paid, you will receive a notification. All paid payment requests can still be logged in your private dashboard.

Are you ready to start tracking your payments with PayRequest? Start today!

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