Pay By Link

Pay By Link - People's new favorite way to pay

Pay by link: the new quick and easy way people and businesses around the world are making payments. Send and receive in seconds!

What is pay by link?

 Pay by link is a new payment system that works by sending a simple payment link to your customer, that allows them to complete the payment easily online with the payment method of their choice.

Payments links are universal, meaning they can be sent and shared with all customers from around the world in realtime.

There are many different ways in which you can share a payment link with customers based on your situation and preference. These various channels include SMS, email, social media, Whatsapp, customer service chat, or even on your website.

Pay by link with PayRequest is super convenient and easy to use for both you and your customer. Upon receival of your payment link, the customer will simply click on the link to pay. The customer will select their preferred methods of payment (over 20 key payment method and the majority of currencies are available), and complete the payment.

Monitoring all your payment links is easy! You can do this via your personal private dashboard. Here you can track and log all your payments. It is even possible to see if a payment link has been opened.

How are people using it?

Pay by link is versatile and can be used in all industries. Whether you want to use it for selling goods online, accepting regular payments from clients, or a simple one off payment. Pay by link is the best way to go.

As was previously mentioned, there are so many different ways for you to share your payment link with your clients. When selling online goods, it might be the best option for you to share your payment links on your website.

When selling subscriptions or recurring payments, it is possible in implement this into your PayRequest account. This way, your customers and subscribers will receive automatic payment links within the time period of your choice.

Payment by link also works great as a friendly payment reminder for outstanding payments! These are often well received when in the form of an SMS message.

Or why not let your customer ‘pay later’. Payment links are also the perfect way to address payments that won’t be paid ‘in the moment’.

Getting started

Getting started and sending your first payment link is super easy.

Once you have signed up for free, simply follow the step by step onboarding (this will take just a moment), connect your stripe account (or create one), customize your settings, and you’re ready to go!

You will receive your own personal payment page with PayRequest. Here you can create your payment links as well as try out all the other features available with your PayRequest account.

Are you ready to start sending payment links? Sign up for free today!

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