How to Accept Donations on Your Website?

Learn how to accept donations on your website. Whether you have a donations page, non-profit or other, this solution is right for you. Easy to use for both you and your donors. Get started today!

Accept Online Donation

As the world becomes more and more digital, it is important to not be left behind or to miss out on any opportunities. Recently, the world has seen a big shift into online payments, with cash becoming a less desirable choice of payment. People browsing websites, making purchases, and sharing things online has prompted companies and organizations to become more digital too.

With regards to donations and fundraising, becoming digital and accepting digital payments is extremely favorable and can open up you fundraising organization to many more possible donors.

How to Accept Online Donations?

Accepting donation online is simple and easy. Especially if you use a payment gateway like PayRequest.

Firstly, you must create a donations or fundraising page. This is is very simple to do and you can even customize the colors of the page and add your own branding and logo. 

Once you have created your donations page, you will be able to share it with whomever you wish.

There are 2 ways to share your donations page with people:
The first one (which works also if you do not have a website), is to share a payment link directly with your donors. A payment link can simply be copied from your donation page and shared via SMS, email, Whatsapp, Instagram, and other various popular digital platforms. You can also simply share this link on your webpage.

The second way to share your donations page, is to create a donations button. PayRequest provides an efficient and free way to create and share a donations button to your website. You can give it a try right now!

Benefits of Online Donations

Further benefits that come from accepting online donations with PayRequest include being able to accept all payment methods and currencies with real-time conversion. The safety of 3D secure identification and anti-fraud technology and 24 hour customer service. 

Are you ready to start accepting donations online? Sign up for free!

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