WHMC Payment Links

Payment Gateway

Let customers pay with a payment link from your WHMCS billing portal or via your WHMCS email templates, QR Code,  no login is needed to let them pay their invoice.

Hosting companies using PayRequest

Install WHMCS Paymen Links in 3 steps


Add a Payment Gateway

Create a free PayRequest account and connect a payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal.


Install WHMCS Payment Gateway​

Go to the WHMCS Marketplace, download our module and follow the install guide.


Configure your WHMCS

You can edit email templates, and make PayRequest your default payment gateway.

Why use PayRequest WHMS Payment Gateway?


Customer does not need to log in and can pay directly via a payment link or QR Code.

Offer Local Payments Methods

With a Payment Link, you can offer local payment methods like iDeal via Stripe or PayPal, and even use multiple payment gateways.

Payment Tracking

With the PayRequerst Dashboard you can easily track opens, clicks, and notifications about payment updates & send reminders via SMS if needed.

Download WHMCS Payment Gateway

Download our free WHMCS Paymentv Gateway, and start accept whmcs payment links.