Accept Fundraising With a PayPal Fundraising Site

Fundraising sites and other online fundraising tools are becoming increasingly essential for fundraising. They give donors a secure and convenient option for making online donations. Today, there are many online fundraising tools, including online payment platforms and custom donation pages.

Among these online fundraising tools are the popular online platforms PayPal and PayRequest. A growing number of individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations use these platforms to send or receive funds for personal, commercial, or fundraising purposes.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Only PayPal for Fundraising

Benefits of Using your PayPal for Fundraising

  • Recognizable and Trusted Brand. PayPal is a leading PCI-compliant global online payment platform that donors trust with their money and data.
  • Mobile-First Fundraising Tool. PayPal can boost your fundraising efforts as an increasing number of donors prefer to donate online.
  • Numerous Integration Options. PayPal provides many third-party integrations that add fundraising functionalities and improve your donation process.

Drawbacks of Using Only PayPal for Fundraising

  • Credit Card Processing Fees. PayPal’s processing fees can eat into your donation revenue.
  • Limited Fundraising Features. PayPal offers limited fundraising results because it lacks fundraising features, such as displaying your donation goal and a live supporter feed.

Create a PayPal Fundraising Site to Maximize Your Donation Revenue

PayPal provides features and benefits that can benefit your fundraising efforts in important ways. However, you can achieve your fundraising goals more effectively by pairing PayPal with a fundraising website.

As an online payment service, PayPal optimizes its platform for payment processing, not receiving donations. Its benefits are, therefore, limited to one aspect of fundraising: processing the receipt of funds.

The platform neglects another crucial part: your initial interaction with donors. The conversion rates and donor retention on PayPal are, therefore, limited because the platform’s donation forms don’t fully adhere to the best practices of fundraising.

Pairing PayPal with a feature-rich fundraising site can improve your fundraising results. The payment platform PayRequest enables you to combine the donor-friendly features of a fundraising site with the security and convenience of PayPal.

PayRequest lets you add your brand’s logo, colors, and background to your donation forms. These branded donation forms perform better than generic PayPal donation forms because donors can be sure that they are donating to the cause of their choice.

PayRequest also provides a dashboard with several functionalities:

  • Choose your own!
  • Add products and custom fields
  • Show all your social media links
  • Write a text on your payment page

Other PayRequest features include:

  • Supports all major currencies and real-time currency conversion
  • Supports 20+ local payment methods, including Klarna, Giropay, and iDeal
  • Additional fraud protection via 3D Secure authentication
  • Sending payment links via Email or SMS directly from the dashboard
  • Automate payments via PayRequest API or Zapier integration
  • 24/7 Support via chat and email with the PayRequest team
  • Customer management to enable follow-up communication with donors

Make It Easy, Secure, and Convenient to Donate to Your Cause

Fundraising should be a straightforward process. You want donors to find you easily and send donations securely and conveniently. Using PayRequest with PayPal gives you access to numerous features that help you achieve your fundraising goals. Sign up to PayRequest now and create a PayPal fundraising site for your charity or nonprofit.