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Gateway Credit Card Payment - Send and Receive

Discover the simple way to use an all-in-one payment gateway provider to send and receive credit cards payments from around the world.

What is a gateway provider

A payment gateway provider is an online payment solution that offers you an all-in-one payment platform where you can manage, send and receive payments.

A payment gateway provider is the perfect tool for a business who is looking to expand and accept a vast variety of payments and currencies, including credit card.

Payment gateway providers not only provide a super fast and convenient way to accept payments, but they are also able to ensure that you never miss out on a sale again due to payment difficulties.

How to use a gateway provider

Using a payment gateway provider to accept credit card and other payments has been made easy with PayRequest.

Once you have signed up for free, you will be taken to an easy to follow step by step guide for setting up your account and payment page.

Follow the 6 steps to created your personalize payment page. Adjust the information, page colours and branding, and connect or create a stripe account. Setting up your account is easy and takes just a few moments.

Once you have finished, you are ready to start accepting credit card and other payments.

How to accept credit card payments

You can use PayRequest payment gateway provider in a number of ways in order to accept credit card payments. Based on your business and your preference, you can select the method right for you and your product.

  • One way is to simply create and share a payment link with your customer. You can share this via email, SMS, social media or one of the other channels offered with PayRequest.
  • Another way to accept credit card and other payments online is to create and share a QR code. You can share a QR code by sharing it to your website, printing it out, or sharing it online. When scanned, customers will be taken straight to your payment page where they can compete the payment.

Are you ready to start accepting credit card payments with PayRequest? Sign up for free today!

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