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How to Accept Multi-Currency Payments

Discover the simplest way to accept multiple currencies and payment methods all through the same gateway. It’s never been so easy!

Multi-Currency Payments

The importance of accepting multiple currencies and payment methods is pretty clear within businesses. The more payment methods you accept, the more accessible your product/service is, and the more sales you will generate.

However, the problem for many companies is: how to accept multiple international payment methods? Accepting all payment methods and currencies can prove to be a big challenge and inconvenience.

The best way to address this common issue is to use a payment gateway.

Payment Gateways - What Are They?

A payment gateway is an online payment service that can be used as a middle channel between you and your customer when processing a payment.

Payments gateways are not connected to any one particular bank or organization and are therefore able to process multiple payment methods and currencies from around the world. Choosing to use a payment gateway is a great way to save the time and stress that comes with trying to accept foreign payments.

PayRequest - Payment Gateway

Payment gateways like PayRequest are simple and easy to use and very cost effective. Once you have signed up and connected your Stripe account, you must simply follow the steps for creating your own personal payment page.

It is possible to change the colors, branding and logo of your payment page making it completely unique to you.

Once you have created your payment page, you’re ready to go! Share your payment page or payment link with your customers via one of the many platforms available. 

Our Service

PayRequest accepts over 20 different payment methods and supports all major currencies from around the world. When accepting all major currencies we take into account currency conversion and use realtime currency conversion wtih every payment.

We use 3D Secure authentication methods which ensure safe payments every time. We also offer 24/7 customer service leaving no question unanswered.

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