How to accept Stripe and PayPal Payments?

Both Stripe and PayPal are large worldwide credit card processing providers, they serve millions of businesses all over the world, sadly when you use Stripe you cant offer PayPal to your customers because Stripe has no PayPal support.

We at PayRequest have the solution to both accept Stripe and PayPal payments, and let your customers choose
if they like to pay with Stripe payment methods or their PayPal wallet.

By accepting both Stripe & PayPal you improve your conversion and customer satisfaction.

Steps to accept Stripe and PayPal Payments

Of course, the first step is to create a free PayRequest account, after you log in you need to follow the onboarding process, here you can easily connect to Stripe or PayPal with just one click.

No worries, you can always later connect a Stripe or PayPal account if you want.

Stripe and PayPal Payment Solutions

Next, you need to choose how you like to accept payments this can be via the following options:

  • Payment Links
  • A payment page
  • Dynamic Payment Links (variable and via browser customizable)
  • Donation Page (if you like to raise funds or recurring donations)
  • Subscriptions (if you like to sell Saas software or just memberships)
  • Payment Requests send via SMS or QR Code or Email

All our payment products are available for Stripe and PayPal, which give your the freedom what products best fits your needs.

A or Stripe Checkout alternative

With a PayRequest Payment Page, you can ditch your and get your own links,
it works the same just choose your own /slug and share them with your friends or customers!

A page is very basic with a page you can customize everything, like choose your own background,
upload your own logo, add a description, add all your social icons and even choose your own color!

Stripe checkout is a solution to send payment requests, however, it is far from a payment page because you cant
let customers choose their own amount or change the language and more useful features.

Cost to connect Stripe and PayPal

We at PayRequest charge no recurring or one-time fees to connect your Stripe of PayPal account,
for every payment, we surcharge a small 1% fee and with PRO even only 0,5%!
Of course, you pay your regular fees at Stripe or PayPal, best check their pricing page to know your costs.

We will not hold any money, every payment will be directly transferred to your Stripe or PayPal account.
This makes it very safe to connect your Stripe or PayPal account with us because every transaction will be processed via Stripe
or PayPal, we are only a software solution, and Stripe or PayPal offers the payment infrastructure.

Offer multi-currency payments with Stripe and PayPal
Stripe and PayPal do not offer dynamic currency which makes it hard to do business worldwide,
with PayRequest your customers can change what currency they prefer, or you send them directly the right currency,
this saves many currency processing fees, and also enables you to grow your business worldwide no matter what currency your clients need,
we support all popular currencies like USD, GBP, EURO, POUND, and even currencies like Argentina pesos and more.

Keep accepting payments when Stripe or PayPal goes down

Stripe and PayPal have a stable payment infrastructure, however sometimes even they have downtime which can costs a lot of money,
we at PayRequest monitor the payment network of Stripe and PayPal, if one of them goes down, we can for example migrate you from
Stripe to PayPal or visa versa, this gives you high-availability payments so you can keep doing business without to worry about failed payments.

Save money by processing payments with Stripe or PayPal

Both Stripe and PayPal have their own fees, with our automation we can calculate what a credit card fee cost both Stripe and PayPal.
Specialty with high or low transactions, this can save you a lot of money, the customer still gets the same payment methods,
only you pay a lower fee to Stripe instead of PayPal.

PayPal as a Stripe Alternative

If you process payments with PayRequest you can switch from PayPal to Stripe in seconds, no technical changes are needed,
this gives you the best way to see if PayPal a good alternative instead to Stripe.

Stripe as a PayPal Alternative

If you process payments with PayRequest you can switch from Stripe to PayPal in seconds, no technical changes are needed,
this gives you the best way to see if Stripe a good alternative instead of PayPal.

About Stripe

  • Stripe is founded in 1999 and is a payment processor from Silicon Valley,

About PayPal
PayPal is the largest online payment wallet in the world

About PayRequest
PayRequest is a no-code payment platform, which helps you to accept payments without technical knowledge required,
we are both Stripe and PayPal partners, which enables us to let you do the most with Stripe & PayPal.

With just a simple click you can connect your Stripe Account & PayPal Account.