How to Send Online Checkout Links

How to Send Online Checkout Links

Discover how to send online checkout links to your customers. The safe and easy way to accept payments and keep your customers happy.

What are Online Checkout Links?

An online checkout link is a link that can be shared with customers allowing for easy payment processing, and skipping the inconvenient step of having to send an invoice.

Checkout links can be used for many different circumstances. Whether it’s a one-time payment, subscription, or frequently purchased product/service, a checkout link is the fastest way to accept and process these payments.

How to Send Online Checkout Links?

Sending an online checkout link is quick and easy with PayRequest. Once you have signed up for free, you can create your own payment page. From there you will be able to create and send or share your online checkout links.

Online checkout links can be shared in various ways. One way is to create and share the online checkout link with your customers via online channels such as email, SMS, social media, customer service chats, etc.

Another possible way to share an online checkout link is to simply share it on your website. This is very convenient, especially when offering frequently purchased products and services.

In order for customers to complete payment using an online checkout link, they simply click on the link after which they will be immediately redirected to your payment page. From here, the customer selects their preferred method of payment and confirms the payment.

Why Should You Use Online Checkout Links?

So what exactly are the benefits of using online checkout links? Well, apart from the fact that they are a super easy way to complete payments without invoices, there are plenty of other benefits too.

Accept all payment methods
When sending online checkout links with PayRequest, you will be able to accept all payment methods! This means there are no excuses for payments not being completed.

Accept majority of currencies with real-time conversion
Online checkout links also accept over 20 different currencies with real-time conversions. This means you will never miss out on a sale.

Private Dashboard
With PayRequest, you will have your own private dashboard where you can monitor and manage all your payments. Monitor at what stage your online checkout link is at (has it been received, opened, or paid). The dashboard provides the perfect overview of all your payments.

Reuse online checkout links
No need to recreate online checkout links every time. Reuse your payment links for fast and efficient payments. Save time and do it right!

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