No Code Pay by Link

With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, many retailers now offer the option to pay by link. This means customers can simply click on a link to make a payment without entering any credit card or personal information. No code pay by link options offers various advantages to users, ranging from enhanced security to ease of tracking of payments. Here are five reasons why this method of payment, which is taking over from traditional modes of payment such as cash and checks, is the most preferred by merchants:

No code payment links have various advantages, such as the ones below:

1. Secure payment Mode

Security is a major concern for most clients, especially regarding online purchases. As a merchant, you need a payment method that inspires confidence against credit card identity theft. Payrequest’s no code pay by link payment allows merchants to generate and share with clients a secure link that allows them to pay using their preferred payment method.

2. Multiple Payment Methods

Pay links easily integrate with most major payment platforms. For example, Payrequest no code payment links allow customers to make payments using over twenty payment methods, including visa, apple pay, Alipay, and Giropay, among many others, and support most global currencies. In addition, most no code pay by link options work well with debit

and credit cards.

3. No Technical Know-How

No code pay by link is just what the name suggests. The payment method does not require the merchant small business owner’s programming background to use it. Anyone from any industry can use the payment links. As a merchant, once you create your account, you will be provided with a private personal dashboard from which you can generate links with the click of a button and share them with your clients.

4. Easy to use

Since payment links do not require users to be tech-savvy or have a coding background, they can easily be used by anyone. Once set up, a user only has to log in to their accounts and gain instant access to plug-and-play tools essential for the day-to-day running of their business. In the case of payrequest, such tools include payment monitoring tools and online invoices.

Pay by link let merchants send links to many clients at once. This reduces the time used to process individual invoices in the case of traditional payment methods such as checks and cash. In addition, the links can be sent through SMS, email, or WhatsApp messages. Further, no code pay links allow you to instantly verify payments once your clients do them.

Payrequest offers the simplest and most effective way to instantly accept payments. If you are looking for an easy-to-use no code pay by link method that you can embed on your website, then look no further than PayRequest. The platform allows you to connect your favorite payment gateways while at the same time giving you access to their app that gives you customer management tools and reports. In addition, the platform allows you to customize your payment page with your brand’s colors and accepts local payment methods.