Create your own Donation Page

Fundraising should be easy, with PayRequest you can easily create a donation page for charity, fundraising, or non-profits. Use your logo, company background, and brand colors.

Making donations should be easy.

It’s already hard enough to set up a fundraiser or donation event. Don’t let your visitors also have a hard time donating. A click, verification, and they’ve donated within a matter of seconds! A simple feed and progress bar will show the progress to encourage others.

Donation Feed

Encourage others to donate with a feed. They can be proud if they are visible on the donation feed.

Progress Bar

The progress bar shows how much, or how little you only need to hit your goal. When it’s still low, people want to help you more. When it’s almost 100%, people will be happy to fill the gap that’s remaining to hit your goal!

Custom Amounts

Set custom amounts or let users fill in their desired amount. Make it as accessible as possible for them.

Benefits of our Donation Pages.

No sign up required

Donation Goal

Straight to your account

0.5% fee for real charities

Ready to set your goal?

Sign up with a few simple steps, connect the PSP to your liking, and let’s go!