Generate free Payment QR Codes

With PayRequest you can generate Payment QR Codes for free, just create a payment link or product and download your Payment QR Code in PNG/SVG format and share it online or on a flyer.

Generate Payment QR Codes For Free!

QR Code payments are commonly used by a handful of different businesses, it is an easy way to let your customers pay fast, we support Stripe payment QR codes and PayPal payment QR codes, which means you dont need an extra payment gateway to accept payments via QR codes.

Save money with Payment QR Codes

POS Terminals can be very expensive, with a Payment QR Code you can accept payments within seconds, no hardware just print out the QR Code and place it where your customers can see it, they scan your QR Code and make the payment directly via Credit Card or with their favorite local payment method.


Street vendors

QR Codes are useful for street vendors because they can print QR Code Payment Links for all their products, customers scan the QR code and the merchant gets a direct confirmation when the customer has paid.


Increase your Conversion Rate from visitors by adding a QR Code to your website or  webshop, customers can easily scan your QR Code and pay directly from their smartphone, most customers only make payments on their mobile.


In Restaurants like Mac Donalds you already can go directly to your table and scan the QR Code to order food and pay online, this saves time, customers can directly see the menu and you save time with taking orders.

Payment QR Codes in 3 simple steps!

Your customer will only need to complete 3 accessible steps to complete their subscription

Open payment link

The customer will receive the payment link by mail, text message, QR, or manual solutions provided by you.

Fill in details

If required the customer needs to fill in their details, don’t forget their payment details and click next.

Verify Payment

The customer verifies their payment, and you will be notified. That’s it!
If enabled they will receive a invoice.

Want to use Subscriptions?

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