PayRequest stands with Ukraine

PayRequest stands with Ukraine

A Message from Geert Jan Sloos (CEO & Co-founder PayRequest)

Dear World,

On 21 February 2022, I was on a metro in Bangkok, (Thailand) and read Russia invaded Ukraine,

I could not believe Russia made the decision after so many warnings from the world, to still start a war, and even call it a freedom mission.

A political leader who lives in the past in the time of the Soviet Union (the year 1922) the worst thing is that we as a society will partly pay the price for his wrong choices, but in the longer term he will see for himself that he himself is the biggest loser, and that war is never a solution.

Many Russians are leaving Russia in search of a more stable life, nobody wanted this, I am deeply impressed by the strikes in Russia, despite the major consequences this has for individuals if they get arrested.

Europe has not seen a war like this since the second world war, we hope that it will soon end and that Russia will feel the consequences of this mistake they have made.


Geert Jan (CEO PayRequest)

How we Stand with Ukraine

Our condolences go out to all the needless victims, we continue to pray that this war will end soon, and will do what we can to support the Ukrainian people, businesses, and government.

However, we are quite a small startup, but we do what we can.


1. Donation page for #StandWithUkraine

We created a donation page  Please share to make it easy for everyone in the world to donate in their local currency and payment method.

We will make sure the Ukrainian Government receives it in their local currency, as we will pay any fees.

2. No Fees for Ukrainian Businesses

Since our launch this week, we added PayPal Payment Gateway, which opens the door for Ukrainian Businesses to use PayRequest for accepting payments online.

In 2022 & 2023 there will be no fees for Ukrainian Businesses.


3. Sanctions for Russian Businesses

We will immediately impose sanctions for Russian customers, they will no longer have access to our API & Payment Platform.


4. PayRequest Foundation

Later this year we will be launching the PayRequest Foundation which will be featured on, to support people and businesses worldwide.  (follow us on Twitter to stay up to date)


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